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23-24 July - Deha Shuddi Pranayama with Emma Balnaves

20220615_094428 Emma Baddha Padma

Three Classes - Saturday 7.30-9am & 3-4.30pm, Sunday 7.30-9am

Deha Shuddi Pranayama refers to the method of cleansing or purifying (shuddi) the body (deha). However indirectly, Deha Shuddi also refers to the purification of the mind, as the mind lives within the body and is an extension of it.

The Deha Shuddi practice is offered to establish the necessary and correct body mindset required for the journey ahead - the path of Laya Krama (the process of reabsorption) that lies beyond Deha Shuddi.

Open Level - suitable for all levels of yoga practitioner.

Venue - Hatha Yoga Shala - 172 Hutt Street Adelaide 5000

Bookings via www.shadowyoga.com

30-31 July - Dhyana Yoga (meditation) with Sundernath (Shandor Remete)

DSCF8415_Shadow Yoga Sunday workshop-2

Three Classes - Saturday 8-9.30am & 3-4.30pm, Sunday 8-9.30am

Dhyana is the power of thought. The practice of Dharana, the concentrated power of will combined with Dhyana is referred to as Samyana (evenly restrained) and brings forth the equanimous state of Samadhi.

Open Level - suitable for all levels of yoga practitioner.

Venue - Tara Hall - Buddha House - 496 Magill Road, Magill

Bookings via www.shadowyoga.com

Due to the current COVID-19 restrictions all students are required to bring their personal yoga mat to the classes. As class sizes are restricted please register your class bookings each week. Hand sanitizer is available to use at the studio.

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