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Class - Uttanasana

Yoga Classes

Class - Uttanasana

Beginner Course

Run in a 6 week course format to introduce the basic techniques, movements and positions, and teach correct breathing and body / breath coordination.

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Class - Ardha Matsyendrasana

Beginner Classes

Available for casual attendance and further develop the basic level of practice.

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Graham Clarke - Adra Bhujangasana

General Level

Classes are for students who have completed the beginner level. The prelude forms and basic level of asana (posture) are developed in these classes.

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Peter Ujvari - Anantasana

Advanced Level

Classes are for experienced students who have worked at the general level. Here students are trained in the deeper stages of movement and asana.

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Class - Tandava


Nrtta Sadhana utilizes Karana, which are natural, un-imposed, rhythmic and coordinated movements of the bodies limbs that initiate the free flow of life force through the practitioner. This enables a natural & unforced entry into Asana and develops the refined state of being required to enter the internalized limbs of Hatha Yoga. The use of Karana in yogic cultivation can be traced back through the living lineage of the Pashupati Tantrika Yogins. Suitable for general and advanced level students.

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Due to the current COVID-19 restrictions all students are required to bring their personal yoga mat to the classes. As class sizes are restricted please register your class bookings each week. Hand sanitizer is available to use at the studio.

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